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Welcome to the Summer Term 2016

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Friday 8th July - Year 6 Balloon release

Still image for this video
It was a lovely moment when the Year 6 pupils each released a balloon during our leaver's celebration event with their hopes for high school tied on. We wish al pupils the best of luck with their transitions to high school over the next two weeks.

Friday 8th July - Mad Hatter's tea party

After our afternoon school play performance, we held a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for all of the pupils and their families.  Charlie made the most wonderful cake based on Alice in Wonderland and it looked too good to eat! The pupils enjoyed a delicious feast which they helped to create and thank you to the parents for your contributions.  The biggest thank you needs to go to Caroline, our school cook, who worked tirelessly to organise all of the food and she did a truly remarkable job.  At the end of our celebration, each pupil received a red helium balloon with their hopes for high school tied on to the end.  It was a great moment to share together and the pupils were very excited to watch them float away into the distance.  It was a brilliant afternoon and one I will remember. 

Friday 8th July - Alice the Musical

Oak class delivered two outstanding performances of their play 'Alice the Musical' once to the school and again to their parents.  They worked so hard in order to learn the songs and all of their lines.  Both audiences were very entertained by the pupils' performances and really enjoyed the play.  The costumes and back drops all really added to the performance, well done everyone! 

Wednesday 8th June - Year 5/6 visit to West Stow

High School transition dates


High School

Transition dates

Pakefield High School

Monday 11th – Thursday 21st July (back to Grove for the last day on Friday 22nd July)

East Point Academy

Monday 11th – Wednesday 20th July (back to Grove for Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd July)

Sir John Leman High School

Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st July (back to Grove for the last day on Friday 22nd July)

Bungay High School

Wednesday 13th July

Beccles Free School

Tuesday 28th June, Tuesday 5th July and Monday 18th July

Colchester Zoo visit - Friday 20th May 2016

Colchester Zoo visit - Friday 20th May 2016 1

We had a fantastic day at Colchester Zoo on Friday and the children thoroughly deserved it because of all their hard work this year.  The pupils had such a wonderful day and their behaviour was impeccable.  I am always so proud of the pupils when we take them out of school.  We had a full day exploring the zoo, feeding giraffes and elephants, riding on the train, visiting the gift shop and enjoying ice-creams.  The pupils had a really interesting talk about 'Amazing Apes' and found out all sorts of interesting information about different apes and their different facial expressions.  There will be more photos to follow. 


Friday 13th May - Pizza making

Today, the pupils had a brilliant day making and eating their own pizzas. They started by creating their chef hats to really get into the spirit! They worked in groups to make the dough and then choose their individual toppings. Year 6 had a special lunch with Mrs Hall and had delicious ice-cream for dessert. Well done Oak class,it was such a great day! 


Tuesday 10th May - Making Viking 3D pop up books

Tuesday 10th May - Making Viking 3D pop up books  1
Tuesday 10th May - Making Viking 3D pop up books  2
Tuesday 10th May - Making Viking 3D pop up books  3
Tuesday 10th May - Making Viking 3D pop up books  4

Thursday 5th May - Our final Masterclass session

Thursday 5th May - Our final Masterclass session 1 Well done Oak! 27 of you attended the session.
Thursday 5th May - Our final Masterclass session 2 Thank you for making a delicious Red Velvet cake.

Day Two of the Bridge Project - Tuesday 15th March

We welcomed back Kesia and Carrie from the Bridge Project today and the children spent some time in the woods with the special viking models they have created. They have created interesting storyboards about how the Vikings were found in our school woods and how they cope with modern life.  Kesia and Carrie will be back at the end of May to showcase the legacy of the Vikings and how they are going to be displayed in the school for all to see and admire. The children really enjoyed their day and are very proud of the Vikings they have produced. We look forward to reading the finished stories. 

Wednesday 9th March - Year 6 presenting their cereal bars to the staff

On Wednesday, three successful teams from our class enterprise DT project were given the opportunity to present their cereal bars to the teachers at their weekly staff meeting..  The pupils spent time in lessons and had given up some of their own time to work on their brilliant presentations. The children presented sme fabulous posters, raps, rhymes and of course, tasters of their very delicious cereal bars! The pupils demonstrated many of our Golden Behaviours for Learning, including Collaboration, Resilience and High Aspirations. At the end of their presentations, the pupils had question and answer sessions and the children answered these questions very well. The teachers and Mrs Hall were extremely impressed and wondered if they were going to bake any more of their delicious snack bars for future staff meetings!

East Point Academy Gamelan visit - Wednesday 9th March

Our Gamelan composition

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World Book Day - Friday 4th March 2016

World Book Day - Friday 4th March 2016 1 We loved these costumes and the extra props!
World Book Day - Friday 4th March 2016 2 Oak class had some brilliant costumes today!

Oak Class newsletter Spring Term 2 2016

The first day back after half term was a very inspiring, creative day. The pupils were lucky to work with Kesia and Carrie from Suffolk Artlink on a special project, bridging the gap between artists and schools. This week, the pupils have been creating recounts about their day and we will  get some of the pupils to share their work on our class page so you can read about the wonderful work they made. 

Thursday 11th February 2016 - Maths and English Masterclasses

The first two sesssions of the Masterclasses have been a brilliant success. I have been very impressed with the pupils attitudes, dedication and maturity to their learning. The Masterclass sessions will continue to run over the next half term. Please find an outline of each session below. 



Tuesday 9th Feb

Maths: Place Value

Thursday 11th Feb

English: Word classes

Tuesday 23rd Feb

Maths: Multiplication and Division

Thursday 25th Feb

English: Trickier punctuation

Tuesday 1st March

Maths: Measures

Thursday 3rd March

English: Reading skills

Tuesday 8th March

Maths: Interpreting Data

Thursday 10th March

English: Spelling tips

Tuesday 15th March

Maths: Fractions

Thursday 17th March

English: Sentences

Tuesday 22nd March

Maths: Shape

Tuesday 12th April

Maths: Algebra

Thursday 14th April

English: Reading skills

Tuesday 19th April

Maths: Fractions, decimals and percentages

Thursday 21st April

English: Tricky grammar revisited

Tuesday 26th April

Maths: Tricky aspects revisited

Thursday 28th April

English: Reading revisited

Tuesday 3rd May

Maths: Tricky aspects revisited

Thursday 5th May

English: Tricky grammar revisited

Stop motion animation 

This half term our computing focus has been creating short animations using Zu3D software. The pupils worked collaboratively  in groups to come up with a storyboard, make the characters out of plasticine and bring in other props to add to the film and then film it frame by frame. The pupil found it was quite a long process as in order to film one second of animation, you need to take 12 individual frames! The pupils have nearly finished their animations but they just need to finish the final touches and then hopefully we can add them to this page for you all to see. 

Our animation designs

Time and Tide Museum visit - Monday 25th January 2016

Time and Tide Museum visit - Monday 25th January 2016 1
Time and Tide Museum visit - Monday 25th January 2016 2
Time and Tide Museum visit - Monday 25th January 2016 3

On Monday afternoon, Year Six got the opportunity to visit the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth to find out more about the local fishing industry in the past. This fits part of our current topic of 'Going Global' and exploring our local area and jobs and industry that were popular in the past in Lowestoft and surrounding areas. 

The pupils learnt many interesting facts, including: 

  • Most of the fisherman didn't know how to swim and if they fell into the sea they would drown (Jayce)
  • Fisher girls could gut 60 herring in one minute (Elysia)
  • Fishing nets could stretch up to one mile long (Maisy)
  • Herrings had the nickname 'Silver Darlings' because they were worth a lot of money for people to spend on food, shelter, warmth and clothing (Tyler)
  • While gutting the herrings, if the girls got a fish scale stuck in their eye, someone would have to lick it out. It was the safest way to remove it. (Jayden)



Take a look at some of our wonderful work displayed both in our classroom and in the school hall. The pupils have worked very hard and should be extremely proud of their efforts. Well done Oak!

Our African Mask DT projects

Our African Mask DT projects  1

Our Hajj information leaflets

Our Hajj information leaflets  1

Our Fair Trade projects

Our Fair Trade projects  1
Our Fair Trade projects  2
Our Fair Trade projects  3
Our Fair Trade projects  4

Tuesday 12th January

It has been such a positive week back at school. The children have been working really hard and have also produced some brilliant homework projects about Fair Trade. I will add some photographs to the class page soon.

The children are looking forward to their visit to the Time and Tide museum on Monday 25th January. Can you make sure the permission slip is returned to school as soon as possible please?

The pupils also need to make sure they remember their homework is due in every Tuesday and their homework books must be in school on this day. 


Oak Class Newsletter Spring Term 1 2016

Monday 14th December - Grammar Learning Cafe

We had a wonderful morning at our Learning Cafe, with over 20 parents and grandparents attending to learn more about grammar, punctuation and spelling. The pupils loved sharing their knowledge with their grown ups and everyone was really engaged in the brilliant games!

Here are some of the comments from the parents:

'It was a very enjoyable morning-seeing an insight to classroom activities'

'Enjoyable morning, can we have a Maths morning next?''

'A fantastic grammar learning cafe. A maths one would be beneficial too!'


Friday 11th December 

Today, the pupils have been really busy preparing for our Grammar Learning Cafe on Monday. They have worked collaboratively to prepare a range of games to teach to their parents about some of the key grammar, punctuation and spelling terms they have learnt this term.


The parents will be playing:

Spelling Snakes and Laddera

Jollyopoly (word classes game)

Etymology Genius 

Prefixes and Suffixes

Sentence Doctor 

Santa's complex sentences 


We hope to see you at 9 o'clock on Monday morning!


Crucial Crew Thursday 19th November 2015

The children had a really informative afternoon at the 'Crucal Crew' session. The children were able to find out all about:

*Fire safety

*Online safety

*Anti-social behaviour

*Electrical safety

*Bike safety

*How to be safe on the roads

*St John's Ambulance


Here are some of the pupil's comments about what they learnt:


'I have learnt that you need to be safe on your bike or walking because lorries and other vehicles have a blind spot and might not be able to see you'. (Carmen)

'I have learnt that you need to change your smoke alarm battery once a year,. You can remember to do this on your birthday'. (Abbie)

'You need to test your smoke alarm once a week - TEST IT TUESDAY!' (Sophie U)

'There are two emergency phone numbers, 999 and 112'. (Felicia)'

'I know that you should not speak to anyone you do not know online'. (Kye)

'I found out that it takes 100 metres for a lorry to completely stop so you need to be very careful on the roads'. (Thomas)

'Smoke rises so I learnt that you need to stay low and crouch down if there is a fire'. (Max)

'I found out you shouldn't leave deodorant on a radiator or on a windowsill as it might explode'. (Cameron) 


Tuesday 10th November

Make sure you visit Education City homework pages to test out your understanding of:

*Area and Perimeter


*Metric and imperial measures


Oak Class newsletter Autumn Term 2 2015

Friday 6th November

A summary of our learning from Louisa, Felicia and Abbie (Oak Class pupils) 

In English, we are currently looking at 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. This is a picture book about a small family and the father leaves for an adventurous journey. On this journey he makes sacrifices to his family. We are unsure where he is going and we will be continuing to study this book next week in our English lessons. Oak class have all enjoyed this book so far and have a great understanding of it.

By Abbie 

In Maths, this week we have been learning about Volume. On our first lesson, we remembered how to work out the volume of a shape. For example 2 x 2 x 2 = 8cm3. You have to multiply the length, the width and the height of a cube or cuboid. Over the rest of the week, Year Six learnt how to work out the volume with decimal measurements, estimate and compare the volume of cubes and cuboids.

By Felicia                                                        


Currently, in Art, we are learning about Poppies and how they are used to remember November 11th (Armistice Day). We have been looking carefully at images of poppies and sketching them to look at the proportions and shape of these flowers. We learnt about the special display of poppies that surrounded The Tower of London last year and we were lucky enough to see one in real life. 

By Louisa 


Portals to the Past Greek Day - Wednesday 21st October

Years Five and Six have had a wonderful day with Lauren from Portals to the Past. They have been immersed in all things Greek and have thoroughly enjoyed their Ancient Greek topic this half term.  This morning, they tested their wits with a special Greek quiz, learnt a new strategic board game, retold the story of Theseus and the Minotaur and solved a puzzle from the famous Mathematician, Archimedes.  

During the afternoon, they fought as Athenians and Spartans and completed in a Greek mini-Olympics. Lauren said she was impressed with how well the pupils listened and enjoyed spending the day with us all. Well done Willow, Fern and Oak classes. 

Programming using Lego Wedo and Scratch - Tuesday 20th October

Monday 5th October - A visit from the Principal and pupils from East Point Academy

Monday 5th October - A visit from the Principal and pupils from East Point Academy  1
Monday 5th October - A visit from the Principal and pupils from East Point Academy  2
Monday 5th October - A visit from the Principal and pupils from East Point Academy  3
This afternoon, we were lucky to welcome the principal from East Point Academy, Mr Blakey, along with three brilliant Year 11 students.  The EPA pupils sat with the pupils and Oak class were asking lots of sensible questions about life at high school and the interesting things that they could do and learn at East Point. Thank you for coming in to visit us, we really enjoyed the opportunity to speak to you all.

Friday 2nd October - World Education Games 

We are now registered to play on the World Education Games.The online games will take place on 13th - 15th October so we have two weeks to practise our Maths, English and Science skills.

Your username and password should be stuck into your reading diary so you can log on at home. 

World Maths Day site

World Literacy Day site

World Science Day site

Tuesday 22nd September - Computing key terms

We have been enjoying our programming unit this half term, but we have noticed how there are lots of new computing terms which we need to learn. So, we completed a matching activity to sort the key computing vocabulary with the definition.

We have learnt terminology such as:

Selection - selection is about choice. It is the place where an algorithm branched in different directions. We tested this when we created a Maths quiz on Scratch. When the answer was correct, we were able to program the computer to say 'Well done!', however, if the answer was wrong, we programmed it to say 'This is incorrect, can you try again?'



Thursday 17th September - creating our Greek Clay Pots

This is the second stage of our Greek clay pot designs. We have made some fantastic designs and next week we will be painting and then evaluating them. We will add the finished pots on to the website soon.

Our amazing reading corner

Our amazing reading corner 1

Our fabulous Claude Monet display

Our fabulous Claude Monet display 1
Our fabulous Claude Monet display 2
Our fabulous Claude Monet display 3
Our fabulous Claude Monet display 4

Ancient Greek Day Wednesday 2nd September

We had a fantastic start to the new school year today. The pupils looked brilliant dressed as Ancient Greeks. We had a fun-filled day which included: investigating the Greek number system, starting our class novel 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' and building a model 'Parthenon' made with only paper and tape. The winning model went to William, Hollie and Kye!

Wednesday 2nd September

Remember to come to school dressed as an Ancient Greek for an exciting start to the new school year.  I look forward to seeing all the Greek Gods, Goddesses and centurions lining up in the playground!

Oak Class newsletter Autumn Term 1 2015