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Maple,Snowdrop and Poppy (Year 3 and 4 classes)

The Rocket Song.


The year 3s have enjoyed their first couple of lessons learning the violin.  They have been learning 'The Rocket Song' to help them practise holding the bow correctly.  Ask them to demonstrate to you by showing you the 'giraffe grip' on a pencil and singing the song complete with actions.


The Rocket Song


You go up like a rocket

And down like the rain

You go side to side like a railway train

You go round and round in a great big circle

And tap it on your head just for fun.

Welcome back to a new school year!


Wow, what an exciting week we have had!  The children are really enjoying their Potions topic and have had great fun investigating the viscosity of various liquids.  They have also delighted in exploring the unusual properties of cornflour and water.  And thrown into the mix we had a fantastic Roald Dahl Day too. All the children's costumes were vibrant and fabulous.  Thank you for all the effort you went to.  Also, many thanks to all the parents who came in to read Roald Dahl books with their children.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and it was great to see so many of you.

Below are a selection of photographs highlighing our week.