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Maple and Snowdrop (Year 3 Classes)

Year 3 General Information


We are very excited for the children to start their KS2 journey. Now that they are older, the children are expected to take on more responsibility for their learning: changing their own reading books, remembering their homework, etc. Please ensure that your child has a full water bottle and their reading record in school each day. They will need a P.E. kit on Wednesdays and Fridays. Fridays will be outdoors in all weathers, so make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Miss Dewell and Mrs. Briggs-Mee are happy to assist if you have any questions.

Week Beginning 15th May 2017

We've been up to interesting antics these past couple of weeks! In Maths, the children were learning about degrees and angles in a turn, so we used toy figures and cubes to practise our directional skills. Learning was fun!

After our walk in the woods earlier in the term, we have been working on sketching from observation. The focus was to concentrate on adding in as much visible detail as possible. Some children really thought about improving their drawings.

Sketching from Observation

Week Beginning 2nd May 2017

Though it was a shorter week, we still managed to squeeze in a lot of learning! We've been practising using multiplication and division in problem-solving for maths, which some of us found quite tricky! We've been learning all about Leonardo de Vinci in both our art and topic lessons! To start our own sketching, one afternoon we ventured into the wildlife area to take inspiration from the beautiful plants and surroundings.

Week Beginning 18th April 2017

Welcome back to a new term in Year 3! We sure did jump in head first this short week back! The children were wonderful performing with the professional orchestra at the theatre--and a special well done to those who returned for a second performance in the evening! It was a fantastic experience. The next day we all boarded the coach bright and early to head to the Suffolk Showgrounds for their annual Farm and Country Fair for school children. There was so much to see and do: stroking a variety of adult and baby animals, learning about farm equipment and trying out a variety of foods, just to name a few! I think we all slept well that night!

Week of 20th March 2017

On Monday, we visited the local church to explore its role in both the Christian and wider community. We learned many things from the church members who spoke to us. Some of us saw our names recorded in the christening log!

Week of 13th March 2017

We have been busy working on our creativity this week! In DT, we started our rag rugs which will soon be finished. In PE, we are learning some folk dances and are getting pretty skilled! Next wee we'll make up our own dances with the steps we've learned!


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Week of 6th March 2017

We had a great time these past two weeks learning all about dental health. This week, the dental nurse showed us the correct way brush our teeth: in a circular motion. We all had a practise using our toothbrushes and left school with minty fresh breath!

Week Beginning 27th February 2017

Wow! We have certainly had a busy week! From a visit by the dental nurse to World Book Day to French for the Family--we have had a very exciting end to the month. The children enjoyed reading with older children and dressing up on World Book Day. Our French Cafe was a real success and everyone went away with smiling faces and full tummies! Thank you again to all the parents who attended and happily 'adopted' children for the session. Of course, we would like to thank Mme Godet for organising the event.

The dental nurse will be visiting again next week, so remember to read your form and send your child in with a toothbrush on Wednesday!

Thank you!

​​​​​​Week of 6th February 2017

What an exciting half-term it's been! We've had a fun time using our weighing skills to do some baking this week, and we put the finishing touches to our charcoal masterpieces inspired by L.S. Lowry! Have a look!

Charcoal Art

Week of 23rd January 2017

We have had a wonderful week of learning! Our trip to The Time and Tide Museum was fantastic. The children behaved impeccably and learned so much from the 'evacuee experience' role-playing with the actors at the museum.

Week of 16th January 2017!

A new exciting year has begun and we have been busy at work here in school. We have started our new story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and are currently working on our own adaptations. The children are really into the WWII topic and are looking forward to next week's visit  (make sure your slip is in)! Meanwhile, we've been continuing our work in violins!


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Week of 5th December 2016

We have been busy preparing for our Christmas performances; practising our songs and dances amongst our usual daily routines. This week we had assessments and everyone worked really hard! Maple finally finished their collaborative project (shown below) based on Guiseppe Arcimboldo's work.

Our Fruity Face!

Our Fruity Face! 1

Week of 28th November


In Science, the children are continuing to learn about sound. This week, we have developed been learning about 'pitch'. This has involved us looking at different instruments to try and discover how their pitch is effected. 

Week of 21st November 2016

This week we've been studying properties of shape in maths. We had a great time making models of 3D shapes using various materials!

Week of November 7th

We've had an excellent week. The children wrote great stories based on a Polish folktale. In DT, we experimented ways to join and manipulate paper.

Week of 31/10/16

What a great start to the half-term! We have enjoyed introducing our new topics this week, which you can read about in our newsletter. The children had a wonderful time learning to measure in maths. They measured leaves and made scale model stick people of their friends!

Fantastic First Half-Term!

We have had a wonderful first half-term in Year 3! The children have been introduced to a variety of influential people and their great deeds for humanity. In music, the children have already learned the notes attached to each string and are looking forward to being allowed to take the violins home to practise. Please note that music lessons will now be on a Tuesday. We are looking forward to continuing our learning after the break!


Picture 1

Week of 17th of October


This week, the children in Year 3 have been doing 'Pumpkin Maths'. We have been gathering data about pumpkins weight and circumference so that we can present our data in a graph later this week. 


In English, we have started to look at poems that play on words. The children have increased their knowledge of homophones throughout this week and have enjoyed putting actions to and learning the poem. 



Pumpkin Maths

Week of 26th September 2016 


This week the children in Year 3 have continued to develop their use of multiplication tables by learning to divide larger numbers. The children have really impressed us with their resilience this week and the pride they have been taking in their work.


 In English, we have continued to develop our vocabulary and story structure by re telling the story of  'Johnny Appleseed'. Ask the children to give you some examples of their excellent adjectives and adverbs.


  Year 3 have really been enjoying investigating light throughout the weeks and discovering ways in which light works and travels. We have done many practical activities which the children have greatly enjoyed. 

Week of 19th September 2016

We have really started our Year 3 work in earnest this week. The children have used their knowledge of Nail Soup to start writing their own tales. In maths, we are working on written methods of multiplication--have a practice at home! This week in topic, the children have learned about Rosa Parks and the influential acts she took which led to the Civil Rights Movement in The United States. Ask your child to describe her courage!

We Read the Story of Rosa Parks

We Read the Story of Rosa Parks 1

Monday 12th September 


We have had a lovely first week back in Year 3. In Topic, we have started learning about inspirational people across history and in Science we are learning about Light and how it travels. Today in English the children were introduced to 'Nail Soup' and began learning and putting actions to the text. In Maths, the children are beginning to use column method when adding and subtracting large numbers and are using this to help them solve missing box problems. This week, the children will be assigned Maths Key fact cards to learn over this half term, they will also receive their regular homework along with their spellings which were sent home on Friday.