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This week Honeysuckle have been thinking about having a growth mindset.  We read the book, The Dot, by Peter H Reynolds and were inspired to create the work in this amazing display!  We have been talking about why it is important to always try your best, even if we find some things difficult.  
Picture 1
We have been learning all about mini-beasts in science recently!  The children have particularly enjoyed making headbands using their knowledge of mini-beast body parts. Don't they look great?

A bunch of marvelous mini-beasts!

A bunch of marvelous mini-beasts!  1
We had a great time using our map reading skills to track down some hidden treasure left by the infamous Captain Crow! 
Picture 1 Off we go!
Picture 2 Studying the maps.
Picture 3 A note from Captain Crow!
Picture 4 The hidden treasure!
Picture 5 Doughnut time!
We had a fun afternoon, in Honeysuckle, learning about Arctic animals and how they survive in the cold. The children were then challenged to keep a bottle of water warm outside.
Picture 1 Which bottle do you think stayed the warmest?
Thank you so much to everyone who joined in with our share afternoon and for all your generous contributions! The children have been very excited to share their wonderful work with you! 

Welcome to Honeysuckle Class!


Hello, my name is Mrs Barrett and I am very excited to be working with Honeysuckle class this year!

If you have any questions or just want to come and say hello, please don't hesitate to speak with me outside of school.

It was great seeing the children's costumes on World Book Day! They all looked brilliant and it was a great opportunity for us all to share our love of reading! 

Some brilliant characters!

Some brilliant characters!  1
This week year 1 have been dragonologists! Here are some photos of us investigating some very strange activity around the school grounds.  

We're going on a dragon hunt!

We're going on a dragon hunt! 1 Can you spot the dragon skin?
We're going on a dragon hunt! 2 Dragons leave big footprints!
We're going on a dragon hunt! 3 The dragon egg!
We're going on a dragon hunt! 4

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