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Due 22nd April


L3: p56, 57, 58, 59

L4: p66, 67, 68, 69

L5: p72, 73, 74, 75

12th March

No homework this week as we will be having mock SATs week next week.  As there will be no time for Big Maths next week target books will not be coming home either.


Due 11th March

Maths: p48 and 49

Due 4th March

Grammar p17 and 18

Due 11th February

Maths: p20 and 21 for everyone

Due Wednesday 21st January

Maths: Level 3 p32 and p33

             Level 4 p34 and p35

             Level 5 p32 and p33

Due 14th January

Grammar: p13 and 14

Due Wednesday 7th January

Maths: Level 3 p42 and 43

             Level 4 p54 and 55

             Level 5 p56 and 57

Due Wednesday 10th December

Grammar p11

Due 3rd December:

Maths p 2,3,4,5

Due 26th November:

Grammar- pages 25 and 26


Due 19th November:

Maths- Level 3: p48 and 49

               Level 4: p50 and 51

               Level 5: p52 and p53