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I am so proud of those pupils who ran to be House Captain. A big congratulations to those who were elected. A lot of hard work has gone into the pupils preparing and presenting their speeches. I cannot be prouder of my class smiley

We have had a fantastic time at an Anglo-Saxon village, where we learnt about settlements in the past.

Our amazing trip to Harry Potter

What a fantastic half term! I have really been impressed with the progress that Fern has made. I am so proud of all of their efforts.

Please remember that Parent's Evening is the first week back. I would love to speak to you all to discuss your child's progression and next steps.

There is some homework set that will assist the children with their base knowledge ready for our new Topic. This is for the pupils to research The Vikings and it is due in Monday 22nd February.  

I hope you all have a wonderful Half Term.


Mr Moore 

Spring Term 2 Newsletter

Our wonderful biscuits!!!

Our Native American inspired masks

Our fantastic trip to The Time and Tide Museum

What a brilliant couple of weeks back. The pupils have been writing a diary entry from the Granny's viewpoint in English. They have really enjoyed getting into character.

Spring 1 Newsletter

Spring Timetable

January 7th January


The pupils have really enjoyed reading our new class novel of Gangsta Granny. Especially when asked to describe the tasty cabbage soup!

December 5th January


I hope you have had a fantastic Christmas! I am looking forward to the new term and I would like to officially welcome the new members to our class.

What a fantastic first half term. Thank you for the end of term cake. I can not wait to see what this term holds in store for us!.

What a fantastic first half term. Thank you for the end of term cake. I can not wait to see what this term holds in store for us!. 1

In Design and Technology this week, Year 5 combined as a whole to bake some Pitta Bread

In Design and Technology the children created some Greek Pots.

In Design and Technology the children created some Greek Pots. 1

Mathletics - Fern vs Oak!!!

What a fantastic day! The children performed their versions of 'Chocolate cake' in English. I am one proud teacher. Everybody performed so well. Each child spoke loudly and clearly. There was some brilliant acting and collaborating. Well done Fern!!! smiley

The children enjoyed working out equivalent fractions using Smarties, especially when they were treated to them afterwards.

Fern performing 'Living on a Prayer' in assembly

Fern performing 'Living on a Prayer' in assembly  1

An exciting opportunity!!!


World Education Games!!!


We are now registered to play on the World Education Games. This is our chance to compete against students from around the world. The online games will take place on 13th - 15th October so we have two weeks to practise our Maths, English and Science skills. Your usernames and passwords will be stuck into your reading diaries tomorrow so you can log on at home. 


Here are the web-links:


Maths -

English -

Science -


The pupils enjoyed painting their clay pots.

Here are some of the sentences that Fern improved by adding a conjunction:


1) Michael felt hungry, thus he ate some bananas that Kensuke had left for him.

2) A fierce storm hit the island, although it was usually sunny.

3) Stella played with Eddie's ball, consequently she missed him.

4) The gibbons squawked loudly, as a result of this Michael put his fingers in his ears.

Thursday 10th September 


Another fantastic couple of days!


Yesterday the children really enjoyed learning how to sing Livin' on a Prayer by Bon Jovi in Music.In preparation for their Extended Writing on Friday, the children have read up to chapter 4 of Kensuke's Kingdom and they really want to know what happens next to Michael and Stella. In Maths the children used the Singapore Bar Method to assist them in completing word problems.


Friday 4th September


What a fantastic start to the new year! Our Ancient Greek Day was an amazing success.The children have also been impressive within Maths lessons by using the column method for addition and subtraction. In English the pupils are enjoying learning about Kensuke's Kingdom.The children have expressed a love of learning and I am thrilled to be teaching them. Let's keep the momentum up!


Mr Moore

Ancient Greek Day

Ancient Greek Day 1 Fern Class 2015-2016
Ancient Greek Day 2 A model of The Parthenon