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Our Ethos in Early Years


At Grove Primary School, our philosophy is to value every child as a unique individual, who enjoys learning and thinking for him or herself. Our aim within the Early Years Foundation Stage is to provide a happy safe and stimulating environment, which allows all children to feel secure and valued and therefore ready and eager to learn. We provide a supportive and secure environment in which every child can flourish and learn at their own pace and in their own individual way. Our role is to stimulate and encourage their development and enjoyment of learning through a variety of different activities, both adult directed and child initiated in secure indoor and outdoor situations. 


We encourage the children to follow our Golden Behaviours for Learning


  • Resilience- to develop their attention and persistence to concentrate on their own play or group tasks.
  • Independence - to develop the confidence to try new experiences and take on new challenge with less support from others.
  • Collaboration - to develop the growth of social skills and empathy between the children.
  • Pride - whether working with an adult or self initiated.
  • High Aspirations - to be the best they can be!
  • Personal Responsibility -  to be responsible for their own learning and self-care and build on their experiences to become reflective thinkers.


The relationships which the children develop in the Early Years, with each other and with our staff are central to their happiness and will lay the best possible foundation for them to become independent lifelong learners. 

Meet the Early Years Team

Meet the Early Years Team 1 Mrs Burns - EYFS Leader/ Reception Class Teacher
Meet the Early Years Team 2 Mrs McDonald - Nursery Class Teacher
Meet the Early Years Team 3 Mrs Ellis - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Meet the Early Years Team 4 Mrs Fuller - SEN Teaching Assistant
Meet the Early Years Team 5 Mrs Benson - Nursery Class Teaching Assistant
Meet the Early Years Team 6 Miss Saunders - Nursery Class Teaching Assistant
Meet the Early Years Team 7 Mrs Ellis - SEN Teaching Assistant

Miss Lark - Reception Class Teacher

Mrs Church - Reception Class Teaching Assistant

Ms Spring - Reception Class Teaching Assistant

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