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Elder, Willow and Oak (Year 5 and 6 classes)

The children enjoyed being Victorian apprentices

Our trip to Leiston Long Shop was a tremendous success. The pupils enjoyed being immersed in a Victorian environment. Their learning about 'The Industrial Revolution' was extended with this hands-on activity filled day. The volunteers at the Long Shop praised the pupils for behaving well, having a secure knowledge and being polite. It was a day enjoyed by all - even in the cold weather. Well done Year 6!

Our learning this week

This week in English Year 5 and 6 pupils have learnt how to successfully produce a character description that was based on a character from our class novel 'War Horse'. This children demonstrated Resilience and High Aspirations as they wrote a first draft and then edited it to produce their final version. In Maths, the children began the week by understanding the role of place value with multiplication. This was completed using visual representations. Additionally, the children created a video to explain the process of how to multiply a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number. 

SATs Information Evening

Thank you for your continued support. It was great to see so many of you at the SATs information Evening where they were handed updates and suggestions as to how we can ensure the children achieve. As promised the powerpoint presentation is uploaded so you can check out the websites that we recommended. Thank you again. 
The children really enjoyed immersing themselves in the Victorian period. They started off the day entering a Victorian classroom, where they took part in arithmetic, reading and writing activities. Unfortunately, some of the children (and the Headteacher) had first hand experience with the different types of punishments. During the afternoon, the pupils completed a carousel of activities  which consisted of construction, baking and sewing. it was a fantastic day full of fun and learning.  

Gymnastics time

A selection of the Revolution homework from Oak, Elder and Willow

Thank you so much for the time and effort you all put into completing this homework. We will use and discuss the homework as we progress throughout the topic.

Happy New Year from upper Key Stage 2!

We are looking forward to diving into the Revolution Topic and working alongside them as we discover what life was like for a Victorian.

Our Christmas Party

Upper Key Stage 2 had so much fun during their Christmas party. They must have been good as they had a special visitor at the end in the form of Father Christmas.

The Year 6 children singing carols to the residents of Carlton Hall

Year 6 had the privilege of singing carols to the residents of Carlton Hall. It was a fantastic experience and and one that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It even brought a tear to some of the residents as they enjoyed it so much. 
The children enjoyed playing in the snow. Throwing snowballs at their peers and even at staff. The highlight for the pupils was bombarding Mrs Ward with snowballs.

Paramedic visit


On Thursday 23rd November 2017, we were lucky enough to have the paramedics in to show us an ambulance and how different pieces worked.

We all were super excited and enjoyed our time with the ambulance service!

Thank you!


Year 6 needed some medical attention today

With the ambulance...Miss Lines experienced the scoop!

The children loved being a butcher and mutilating a sheep's heart.

Year 5 and 6 have thoroughly settled into their new classes and timetables.

We are looking forward to investigating the heart in our new topic Blood Heart. 


So far, we have experienced dissecting a sheep heart and researching how the heart functions. 3D art models have been made by all three classes and Miss Lines, Miss Wilkes and Mr Moore are all very impressed with the work produced by the children.

In PE, we are learning the HAKKA and also investigating our pulse. On Friday's we are also learning and playing basketball.




Look at our hearts!

Here are some of our 3D models!

Children in Need

We thoroughly enjoyed Children in Need day with lots of fantastic spotty clothing worn by both staff and children.

Elder, Willow and Oak would like to thank everyone for donating to Children in Need!




Last half-term on Thursdays, we had Mr Cooper come into our class and teach us how to be healthy every day! We have been able to taste some foods that we have never tried before such as Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds. Some of us liked it but others thought they were gross!


Working on our Healthy Eating

Working on our Healthy Eating 1
Working on our Healthy Eating 2
Working on our Healthy Eating 3