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Welcome to Elder Class pages where you can find more information about what we are learning.  

We are looking forward to an exciting year focusing on the 4P's of Year 4:


Passion for learning




The children will be taught by Miss Rhodes for Literacy and Miss Dodgson for all other subjects.  We are supported in class by Mrs Galley.

4th July 'The Sheep-PIg' character hot-seating

Today we did a hot-seating activity involving three characters from 'The Sheep-Pig'. All children thought of questions to ask the characters and had a go at answering questions from the point-of-view of a particular character. 

30th June- Acting the parable of the tax collector

Elder class learnt the story of Jesus and the tax collector. They then wrote their own scripts before performing their version of the story to the rest of the class. Well done to everybody for such enthusiastic performances!

29th June- investigating jumps in Science

Elder class spent their science lesson investigating if there is a correlation between leg length and how far you can jump. The children recorded their findings in a scientific way, and were surprised by some of the results. 

Elder class enjoyed voting in the referendum about Ivy class

Friday 17th June - Big Maths 10/10

This term Elder class will be looking at the work of Henri Rousseau. We started the topic by looking at some of his pictures with a focus on how he represented leaves. Elder class then sketched different leaves trying to use features of his style.

Tuesday 14th June - Drawing in the style of Rousseau

Banham Zoo 7th June 2016

Year 3 and 4 pupils had a lovely day learning about animals at Banham zoo. Pupils all attended a discovery session run by a zoo keeper during which they had the opportunity to hold, hissing cockroaches, giant land snails, a rat and a snake. Behaviour was excellent throughout the day and the sunshine was an added bonus!

Latest News:

Our topic for Geography and History this half term is 'Gateways to the World' where we will be looking at travel to different countries and continents.  We will be working with the Year 4 children from Willow class for Maths this half term.


Friday 20th May

Congratulations to Wren, Mikey, Paige, Natalie, Jack F and Kiera for getting 10/10 on Big Maths this week.

10th May- some more of our completed vehicles

Friday 6th May

Over the last few weeks Elder class has been badly affected by illness and we're not feeling at our best. For homework this week we have decided to have an extra healthy weekend to beat those bugs.  The children came up with their own list of  what they need to do to be healthy:

  • Eat at least 2 pieces of fruit each day
  • Eat one green vegetable each day (and I don't mean just one pea Colby!)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have one early night.

If you sign their diary to say they have had an extra healthy weekend they will get a house point each.


10/10 on Big Maths today: Well done Wren, Summer, Lucas and Paige.

Friday 6th May


Elder played ukuleles in the music lesson today- everybody worked hard to learn 2 chords and as a class we played 'Row, row, row your boat.'

Tuesday 3rd May

This afternoon Elder class made 3D versions of vehicles they designed last week. There were some very colourful designs produced (and saws were used very carefully!).


Vehicles inspired by Mexico

Friday 29th April

Every morning we have a word of the day which we spell and put into sentences.  Each Friday we see how how many we can remember which you can see in your child's reading record.  Having done this for 4 weeks our list of words is getting longer.  These are the words we have had so far for you to practise at home:

remember decide popular different knowledge
accident consider heard material sentence
through appear naughty business therefore
strength pressure busy earth  


Full marks on Big Maths this week:

Friday 22nd April

Well done to the boys below for getting 10/10 on big maths today.

Friday 15th April

A good start to the term for the children. Many children achieved gold or silver today in spelling.  Each day we have a word of the day that they practise spelling. On a Friday they are tested on all 5 words from that week and all the words from previous weeks. They get silver if they spell all the words from this week correct, they get gold if they also get the spellings correct from the previous weeks.  

Earn a house point for your child by writing banana in you child's reading record by Monday morning to show you read the Elder page of our website.

The children below also achieved 10/10 in Big Maths today:

Easter Holidays

Our focus this last half term has been on improving our handwriting and presentation. I am so proud of the progress they have made. See some of the examples below which show their first piece of writing in September and the last piece they wrote before the holidays. Each row represents one child's work, although it is often hard to believe.  You are always welcome to come and see your child's books in school.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22

Thursday 24th March

Pupils in Elder contributed well to our multi faith days.


Friday 18th March

The children have been practising skittleball in PE ready for the competition after school.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Big Maths 10/10:

Thursday 17th March

It was lovely to see so many of you today and the children really appreciated you being the audience for out Twits plays.

Friday 11th March

Friday 4th March

Another good week for maths in Elder!



Friday 26th February

An impressive number of Maths stars today

Thursday 25th February

We have been reading about the tricks the Twits play on each other and using props to think of our own. Watch out parents!

Wednesday 24th February

D.T - Designing packaging to keep an egg safe

Monday 22nd February 

As part of our work on our new class novel 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl we made beards and ate some of Mr Twit's favourite foods of cornflakes and anchovies to see just how hard it is to keep a beard clean!


Elder newsletter spring 2

Friday 12th February- 10/10 on Big Maths

Wednesday 10th February 

We have learnt the key features from our Charlotte's Web story to use to write our own story using the same structure.

Friday 5th February

Today we finished reading our class novel of 'Charlotte's Web' and most of the pupils wrote an essay discussing the main themes of the text.  Their work is very impressive- I can't believe they were written by Year 4 pupils.

Friday 5th February- Maths superstars

Friday 28th January - 10/10 on Big Maths

Thursday 28th January

The children have been learning a poem in English today and have made a poem map.



Picture 1


Still image for this video

Monday 25th January

The children have participated in a drama activity based on Charlotte's Web.


Still image for this video

Friday 22nd January- 100% on Big Maths

Tuesday 19th January - making soup and still life paintings

Friday 15th January - Big Maths 10/10

Thursday 7th January

Harrison MC, Jake, Maisie and Amber got 10/10 on Big Maths today.

Elder Superheroes

Elder Superheroes 1
Picture 1

November 2015 Newsletter

September 2015 Newsletter

Our Christmas Costumes

Thursday 17th December

10/10 on Big Maths for Katie D, Taylor and Harrison MC today.  Congratulations to all of Elder on all their Nativity performances today- true stars!


Friday 11th December

Well done to Katie D, Esther and Kiera S for achieving 10/10 in Big Maths this week.  That's 4 weeks in a row Kiera- fabulous!


Friday 4th December

Well done to Roman, Jack F, Ashton, Jake, Kiera S and Harrison W for achieving 10/10 on Big Maths this week.

Wednesday 2nd December

I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow for our Learning Cafe at 9am in the hall.


Friday 27th November

We had an excellent week for Maths this week with half the class getting 10/10 on Big Maths!  Congratulations to Wren, Paige, Natalie, Roman, Jack F, Jennifer, Grace, Harrison MC, Jack N, Ashton, Colby, Kiera S, Lillia, Harrison W, Amber and Lance.  This has resulted in Paige, Grace, Kiera S, Lillia and Lance moving up a level- well done to them.

This week in Literacy we have been focussing on phonics and sounds to support us with spelling.  I appreciate your support in practising the sounds in their homework book with them.

Friday 20th October

Thank you to all of you who attended parents evening, it was lovely to see you and have your support; following this we have had improved presentation in Extended writing today.  I would like to invite you all to join in with our Literacy lesson on Thursday 3rd December at 9 am- letters will come out next week.

Well done to Paige, Esther, Grace, Kiera, Lillia and Lance who achieved 10/10 on Big Maths today.  We will have our spelling test on Monday.

Try this game on homophones which is our spelling focus this half term:

We will be continuing to work on fractions next week, try this game:

Friday 13th November

Today we had an 'independence' day where the children were given all the work they needed to complete in the morning and they could choose the order in which to complete it- to show they really are superheroes!  We had a record week in Big Maths this week with lots of children moving up.  Particular congratulations to Ross who moved up 3 levels, Lily-Mae who moved up again, Maisie who moved up 2 levels; Amber who moved up 2 levels and Roman who moved up 2 levels.


Friday 6th November

It was good to see so many of the children achieving their target in Big Maths this week- hard work on your homework does pay off!  Katie D, Esther, Lily- Mae, Maisie, Jake and Roman achieved 10/10 this week and have all moved up a group.


Friday 23rd October

Congratulations to both Katies for getting 10/10 on Big Maths today.  Have a good half term holiday everyone.

Friday 16th October

I have been really proud of what the children have achieved this week in our half term tests.  The results reflect the hard work the children have put in and the support you provide.  Lucas, Maisie, Ashton and Harrison W got 10/10 today in Big Maths.  Well done to Maisie, Harry, Harrison W, Ashton and Harrison W who have moved up a group in Big Maths this week.

I am reviewing the spellings and groups over half term following our assessments as they have become very hard recently.  Please ensure all children bring their homework and spelling books by Friday so I can also update their targets for you to see.  Thank you.

We have a busy week next week as we have a catering company coming in to do cooking with us on Thursday and an experienced explorer coming to talk to the children on Friday.

Friday 9th October

Congratulations to Mikey, Harry, Harrison W and Roman for achieving 10/10 in Big Maths today.  Roman has now had 3 10/10 and so is moving up a level in Big Maths so a special well done to him.

All the children received their logins for education city today and learnt how to access the work set for them.  The school has paid for all children to be able to access this useful educational resource outside of school hours.  There will be a prize for the Elder pupil who successfully completes the most activities by half term (they need to get 80% on an activity to be successful).  In the lead so far are Jack N and Lily-Mae.


Friday 2nd October

Well done to Katie D, Harrison MC, Jack N, Harry, Lillia, Harrison W, Amber and Roman for getting 10/10 on Big Maths today- this is the most children we have ever had achieving full marks.  

Friday 25th September

Congratulations to Harry for achieving 10/10 in Big Maths this week.  We have been working hard on improving our basic spellings this week which the children demonstrated in much improved Extended Writes today- Well done.


Friday 18th September

Well done to Mikey, Paige, Harrison W and Roman for achieving 10/10 on their Big Maths test this week.  That means no Maths homework for you this week!

Friday 11th September

I was very impressed at the number of children who achieved 10/10 on their spellings this week, which shows the hard work they have put into learning them.  Well done Jack N and Katie S for getting 10/10 on Big Maths today.


Our star of the week was Ross for his excellent attitude to learning as shown in his speech for school council elections.  Wonderful work of the week goes to Harry Stitson for his determination to improve his skills at subtraction.  He was able to answer the question £50 - 32p, could you do it using column method?


This week in Maths the children have been applying their addition and subtraction skills to solving word problems.  In English we have been getting to know more of the characters in 'The Iron Man' and had a lively debate on whether the Iron Man is good or bad.

Friday 4th September

We have been learning how to use column methods to add and subtract harder numbers in Maths this week.  I have been very impressed with the progress the children have already made in 3 days.  We will be learning to apply these skills to solving problems next week.


In Literacy we have started reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes, who is our focus author for this half term.  If your child has not read the book or seen the film yet I would prefer it if they didn't.  We will be watching the film in class later in the term when we have finished reading the book.