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Design & Technology

Design and Technology


Design and Technology is a subject that encourages children to think creatively and solve practical problems. Through a process of research, planning, making and evaluating, children apply their learning to solving a meaningful real-world task. Practical skills such as creating structures and mechanisms, choosing and using appropriate tools and materials, adding electronic components to models, and safe and healthy cooking techniques, are all linked to class topics or situations the children experience. Design and Technology provides many opportunities for using skills learned in maths and literacy lessons, as children need to be able to communicate their ideas and plans effectively and be accurate when preparing materials and ingredients for their projects. 

Healthy Snacks by Year 6 


Oak class have been working to develop healthy snacks during their D.T. lessons. They planned designed and then tested their products before presenting to staff during the weekly staff meeting. They had made some wonderful packaging to promote their snacks as well as jingles, posters and powerpoints to 'sell' their product to the staff. It was very professionally presented by all the children and we are very proud of them for their wonderful work. We were also lucky enough to test the snacks. They were delicious! 

Houses and Homes


Rose and Honeysuckle classes have been busy creating models of different types of homes and houses. They used a variety of materials to decorate different sized boxes, turning them into all types of desirable residences!

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Cooking at Grove


Some  of youngest children enjoy their weekly cooking sessions, exploring ingredients and creating items such as bread, healthy pizza, soup and of course buns (as a treat)! We continue this skill throughout the school to ensure the children experience a vital life skill as well as a fun activity. 

Weaving in Year 2


Celandine and Speedwell classes have been busy weaving this half term. As well as weaving this fabulous display they have designed and woven their own tartan. Potential young designers!


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