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Our aim at Grove Primary School is to deliver Computing as a dynamic, exciting and creative area of learning. We believe that computing should be a subject that is aligned with ‘real-world’ Computing and reflects its incredibly important position in our everyday lives.  


Our computing curriculum is organised into four main areas: Computer Science (CS), Digital Literacy (DL), Information Technology (IT) and E-safety. Computer Science is focused mainly on programming with some study into computer systems and networks in Key Stage Two. During their time at Grove, the children will become familiar with some of the main concepts and approaches to Computational Thinking. Digital Literacy teaches children how to be computer 'literate'; it prepares our pupils for the modern world in which we live in by teaching them how to use everyday technology. Information Technology builds on this by giving the children experience of programs that are designed for specific uses such as video, photo editing and animation. E-safety is an increasingly essential life-skill in our modern world and our school is fully aware of its responsibility in helping the children stay safe. E-Safety will partly be delivered through PSHE and partly through the Computing lessons. It is sometimes delivered discretely but often addressed when questions arise during study of the other areas of Computing or indeed any other subject. 


This curriculum has been designed so that the Key Stage Attainment Targets have been integrated into a progression of skills, which build upon previous learning. It provides opportunities to use a wide range of hardware and software throughout Key Stage 1 and 2 so that the development of pupils’ skills and knowledge is not program specific. There is an emphasis on transferable skills, which we believe to be crucial in this subject.


Each class in Key Stage One and Two deliver Computing as a weekly 1 hour discrete lessons. However, teachers often link their lessons with other curriculum areas. For example, an animation project will involve Design and technology objectives. 




CoSpace Improver Day at Adastral Park January 2017

CoSpace Improver Day at Adastral Park January 2017 1
CoSpace Improver Day at Adastral Park January 2017 2
CoSpace Improver Day at Adastral Park January 2017 3
CoSpace Improver Day at Adastral Park January 2017 4

Digital Leader's Induction Day

The Digital Leaders spent a fantastic day working with their counterparts from Westwood and Red Oak Schools. It was wonderful to see how well the children got on and worked together. Our 'Golden Behaviour for Learning'  of Collaboration was certainly on display. The day centred around a exploration of the 'Makey Makey' board. This allows children to use a whole host of objects as an alternative input into the computer; they could use anything that conducts electricity. The children used everything from play-dough, bananas, potatoes and tin foil to create an incredible array of alternative controllers. As well as enhancing their computing skills, the children were also using their science knowledge of electrical circuits and their creative Art and DT skills. Our mission as Digital Leaders is to make Computing an exciting and creative subject. This was certainly a good place to start. Read the following article for more information about the day. This article appeared on the Active Learning Trust Website.

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Digital Leaders

There was an excellent response for the role of Digital Leader. I was very impressed that the candidates were able to complete and submit their applications online and with the thought and consideration that had gone into their answers. Interviews were carried out and again, I was incredibly impressed with the way in which each candidate conducted themselves. They were certainly displaying many of our Golden Behaviours For Learning not least Personal Responsibility. As a result I have chosen 10 Digital leaders. I look forward to what will be an exciting journey of Computing discovery over the coming months. Unfortunately there are no more digital leaders positions available this year.

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