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Friday 26th June

All about nouns

Click here to develop your understanding of nouns and the different types of nouns. 

Thursday 25th June 2015

Prefixes game

In English today we were furthering our understanding of prefixes and suffixes by finding out their meaning and the origin of the words.

We ran out of time to play this matching game so I have added it so you can have a go at home. Click on the image to play.


Friday 5th June 2015

Converting Measurements

Click here to have a go at some games to further your understanding of converting grams and kilograms


This game allows you to practise length, mass and capacity measurements.


Friday 24th April

Maths - Rounding

Crystal Crash Rounding

Lots of different levels to have a go at! It's great fun and very addictive!


Maths - Fractions

Match the equivalent fractions click here

Adding and Subtracting fractions click here

Simplifying fractions click here

Fraction dominoes click here




Factors and Multiples

Can you test out your knowledge of factors and multiples using this game? How long can you make the factor and multiple string? Click here to play!


Monday 2nd February 2015

Science - Natural Selection

Click here to find out about Charles Darwin

Click here to try a quiz about the theory of evolution

Click here to try and survive as a young bird. known as  'survival of the fittest'.

Monday 2nd February 2015

We have been learning how to translate shapes. Click here to play on this game with 3 levels of difficulty.

Tuesday 27th January - Multi step addition and subtraction problems

Click here to play on a shopping game to test your problem solving skills!

Tuesday 20th January - Subtraction

Click here to complete the missing digits in the subtraction calculations

16.1.15 Researching the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal facts

More information about the Taj Mahal for children

10 interesting facts about the Taj Mahal (A challenging text)

The official site of the Taj Mahal


14.1.15 Maths games to play at home


Why don't you have a go at this negative numbers game...


Practise lots of different calculation skills here...





Our Spring term topic is INCREDIBLE INDIA!

Click here to explore some key facts about India

Lots more interesting information here


7th January - This week you are going to be learning about colourful Rangoli patterns...

7th January - This week you are going to be learning about colourful Rangoli patterns... 1
7th January - This week you are going to be learning about colourful Rangoli patterns... 2
7th January - This week you are going to be learning about colourful Rangoli patterns... 3

Our Science this half term is Evolution

Friday 9th January 2015

Click here to find out what has happened to the Dodo...

You will need this website to complete your activity for today's lesson









Tuesday 16th December

Our Maths learning this week involves estimating, measuring and drawing angles. Mr Moore used these games with you in Maths yesterday. Why don't you have a go at these at home?

Measuring angles

Estimating angles


Monday 8th December

This is our Maths learning today. CLICK HERE.

We are learning to represent 3D shapes by looking at a range of nets and imagining if they will make a 3D shape or not.

Friday 5th December

Colours and Light


In Science we are going to be learning about how colours are formed.

Can you have a look at this science investigation?

Learn more about colours and rainbows here.


Thursday 27th November

Do you feel confident calculating the area and perimeter of rectangles? Click below to play.

Monday 24th November

We have been learning more about Microsoft Excel today.

Can you remember how to enter formulae to solve these calculations?


Thursday 20th November

We have been converting time measurements in our Maths lessons this week. We also need to make sure that we can tell the time accurately. Here are some games to play to help you tell the time confidently.

Bang on Time

Stop the Clock

15 minute intervals

Stop the Clock

5 minute intervals




Monday 17th November

This week in Maths we are learning about measures.

This brilliant game will really help you to understand different units of measurement.

Let me know how you get on!

Friday 14th November




In Science this week we are answering the following questions:

What is light?

Does light move?

How does it move?

How are shadows formed?

Why are shadows the same shape as the objects that cast them?


Click here to answer some of these questions and complete a cyber hunt.Record your findings in your Science book.

Monday 3rd November

In Maths we have been learning about fractions.


Can you play this game to test your fraction knowledge here?


Can you match the fractions, decimals and percentages?


Science this half term is focusing on light, shadows and colour.