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Welcome to Celandine Class

Week beginning 16th March 2015

This week the children have been reading "The Secret Garden" The children have planned what they might see in their own secret garden using story mapping. Today the children have written a descriptive piece of writing describing what they saw. I am really pleased with the great use of adjectives and similes. Well done Celandine!


This week we will not be sending home new spellings as we are unable to test the children tomorrow due to an exciting maths morning.Therefore the children have an extra week to learn the spellings.


Here are some of the fantastic questions the children have been writing to find out more about

"Louis Braille"

When were you born? (Sophie)

How did you invent braille? (Theo)

What did you use to help people? (James)

How did you help people? (Abi D)

Which tools did you use? (Isabella)

How long did you live for? (Samira)

Was your job difficult? (Aiden)

Where do you live? (Destiny)

How and when did you become blind? (Stephanie)

Where did you work? (Brodie)

Why did you want to be a real superhero?(Dana)

Why do you want to help other people? (Reece)

What kind of books did you read? (Ryan)

Why did you choose the job? (Joel)

How does braille work? (Emily)


Tomorrow Celandine Class will be answering these questions using the internet.

Week commencing 2nd of March


This week the children will be learning about Louis Braille another superhero from the past. The children will be using laptops to find information about his life and write their own biographies. Within Maths the children will be learning to tell the time, focusing on quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals.Please could parents take this opportunity to talk about the time with your children and suport them with their learning.

Week commencing  23rd February 2015


Welcome back Celandine Class!


We have had a super first week back at school learning about real superheroes from the past. The children have learnt loads of interesting facts about Mary Seacole and produced some fantastic wrtiting about her life.  In Maths the children have been finding fractions of shapes, sets and numbers. Some of our class have been looking at equivalent fractions which is amazing! Can I take this opportunity to remind parents about PE kits on Thursdays, as a few children are forgetting and missing out on some great and exciting lessons.


Week Commencing - 9th February 2015


Next week the children will be developing their understanding of division. They will be using different methods to solve number and word problems. In English the children will be learning and enjoying a variety of sense poems using a variety of different poetic techniques. This week in science we are doing an investigation; we will  be finding out if tall children have big feet? We will let you all know what we find out!

Week Commencing - 2nd February 2015:


This week your child will be learning about their senses in English, which will relate to their science topic of 'Our Bodies'. We will be looking at using adjectives and similes within our writing along with a variety of sense poems. In Maths your child will be developing their understanding of multiplication using arrays as a support. Please see our 'useful links' section for games and activities that will support your child's progress.

Useful Links:

Look at the fantastic drama we have been doing this week, creating our new adventure stories.