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British Values



At Grove Primary, we are committed to teaching  "a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life” whilst promoting “community cohesion”.


With this in mind, we are committed to ensure that the 5 British Values of: Democracy, The Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs - as described by the Department for Education - are truly integrated into our school community whether it be in lessons or as pupils go about their business in the course of a school day.  


We also take our duty to challenge opinions or behaviour in school that are contrary to fundamental British values very seriously.

1 - Democracy

The views of all the school’s stakeholders (pupils, staff, parents and Governors) are regularly sought and used effectively to inform planning.  


There are numerous opportunities for pupils to further their understanding of democracy in the curriculum.  


Grove Primary has worked hard to fully integrate Pupil Voice into school life and there are numerous opportunities outside lessons for pupils to have a say in everything that affects their lives either directly or via Representatives.


2 - The Rule of Law

The provision for furthering pupils’ understanding of the Rule of Law at Grove Primary is good.  Senior Management and staff have worked hard to ensure that all pupils are provided with a range of opportunities which will enable them to “develop and demonstrate the skills and attitudes that will allow them to” become model citizens.   The school believes that it is important for its students to realise, from a very young age, that all the laws and rules which govern our lives, whether in our school, community or country are there for a reason and that it is of great interest and benefit to all of us if they are adhered to.    This message is clearly conveyed in the School Behaviour Policy.


In Early Years, the emphasis is on pupils knowing and obeying the Golden Rules and understanding that failure to comply will invariably lead to negative consequences such as loss of personal time.    In KS1, stories such as “Jack and the Beanstalk” or “Tales of the Road” as well as visits to the local Fire Station are used to reinforce the message on right and wrong choices and personal safety.   In Circle Time, Lower KS2 students learn the importance of taking turns and respecting speakers’ rights.   Last year Year 3 and 4 pupils got further acquainted with the Rule of Law by taking part in a play on Trial and Transportation as part of their “Australia” topic.   Upper KS2 pupils, on the other hand, are encouraged to make up their own class rules as well as referee their own PE games.  In addition, it is thought that taking part in a range of debates in PSHE, History and RE as well as discussing personal safety in ICT or when taking part in the Bikeability Challenge provide the older learners with concrete opportunities to fully understand the rationale behind laws and how they exist for the benefit and protection of us all.    



3 - Individual Liberty

Grove Primary has worked hard to provide a positive atmosphere in which individuals feel valued and are given the best possible opportunities to develop the skills and attitudes which will enable them to grow as responsible and well-rounded people living a happy, productive and fulfilling life.   Individual Liberty is fully embedded into the Curriculum and takes 3 different forms:  promoting individuality, providing individual choices and fostering a strong sense of personal responsibility. 



Our pupils are encouraged to be proud of who they are

Our pupils have personalised learning


Individual Choices

Our pupils are provided with a range of choices which enable them to find their special talent or vocation

Our pupils have an individual say in the decisions that  affect them


4 - Mutual Respect and Tolerance

The promotion of Respect at Grove Primary is good.  Through its Golden Values, Golden Behaviours for Learning and the Wider Curriculum, the school promotes self-respect by encouraging all the members of its community to be proud of who they are, to believe in themselves, to embrace new challenges as well as build up their resilience by learning from their mistakes.   There are also numerous channels throughout the school through which pupils, staff, parents and Governors are encouraged to express their views freely on any aspects of school life. 


Special events such as Children in Need, Sign2Sing Challenge and Paralympic Sport teach students to respect people who might be physically different to them.  The School is also keen to impart in children a respect for people who have fought to make Great Britain the country it is today through Special Remembrance Assemblies  as well as within the recent  “World War 1” and “World War 2” Topics which culminated in a trip to the local Tide and Time Museum and visits from grandparents who were war children.