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Welcome to a new year with Bluebell Class!

We have all made an excellent start to the new school year with the children settling well. They have enjoyed playing with friends - some that they already knew and some they have only just met!


Please enjoy our regular updates published on our class page where you can keep up to date with the wonderful activities taking place during each week.. 


Share Sessions

The children had a wonderful time sharing their learning with their families during our share sessions. We enjoyed activities with a focus on the curriculum area  'Understanding the World'. Families enjoyed exploring the woods as many had not had the opportunity to do so before. It is a wonderful resource and the children relish expanding their learning outside. Thank you to all who attended to make the sessions such a wonderful experience. 

Picture 1 Looking for bugs - or the BIG BAD WOLF!
Picture 2 Creating pictures with natural materials
Picture 3 Printing and painting
Picture 4 What effect do you achieve with oil and water?
Picture 5 Bark rubbing
Picture 6 Create a boat. How many multi-link will it hold ?
Picture 7 Who's that trip trapping over my bridge?
Picture 8 Bicarb bags! Great fun!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

We have been learning the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Our story telling is becoming more detailed as we practise out Talk 4 Writing skills. We have also been completing new versions which are very exciting!  Some of the children have been writing their own story maps and retelling them to the class!

Picture 1 Independent written Talk 4 Writing story map
Picture 2 Inspired stories in a tent!

We also have grown some cress using seeds, cotton wool, sunlight and water. We used them to make yummy egg and cress sandwiches. We observed the changes in the egg from raw to hard boiled. Then we used our fine motor skills to spread butter, the egg mixture and cutting. We agreed they were very yummy!

Picture 1 Decorating our tubs with a troll face!
Picture 2 Using a pipette to carefully add water
Picture 3 Sprinkling seed
Picture 4 Voila! Now lets wait for it to grow
Picture 5 The raw egg
Picture 6 spreading the butter
Picture 7 Adding the egg and cress mixture
Picture 8 Eating!

The Gingerbread Man


We have been learning the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. The Gingerbread man could run very fast- but he was tricked by the fox! We could repeat aspects of the story and we are very fit as we have been practising our running skills! The gingerbread people we made were yummy - the fox was right! We also mixed colours to make brown to paint our gingerbread men. What colours would you use to make brown?


The children have been doing brilliantly at swimming. Mrs Layzell, our swimming instructor, is very proud of them - and rightfully so. 


We have also been planting some strawberries, as well as vegetables, and are looking forward to watching them grow.

The Three Little Pigs

We shall be learning 'Traditional Tales' this half term and we have begun with the story of the 'Three Little Pigs'. We have had a busy week building different houses with assorted materials. The children have been using safety equipment and retelling the story in the indoor and outdoor environment. We have enjoyed varied activities, we even learnt a song relating to the story.  We shall be in the woods building dens - but watch out for the wolf!


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Wow! Wonderful story telling of the 'Three Little Pigs'
Picture 1 Designing and building a house
Picture 2 Programming a Beebot to find the pig
Picture 3 Making pink playdough to make pigs!
Picture 4 The site office
Picture 5 Young Architects
Picture 6 Working hard!
Picture 7 A house built of straw,
Picture 8 a house built of sticks,
Picture 9 and a house built of bricks!

Ringsfield Hall Eco Trust


We visited Ringsfield Hall with our families - it was a little wet but we didn't mind. We were very excited to travel on the coach to the Hall. When we got there we had a welcome song with the lovely ladies led by Kat. Then suddenly we saw something happening - a real life caterpillar appeared! He was very hungry! We helped him find some food and through drama and exploration revisited the life cycle of a butterfly . We all  loved the fabulous mud kitchen! 

Welcome Back!


Welcome back for the beginning of the summer term. Our theme this half term is 'Around the World' and we shall be looking at different countries, cultures, food, animals and lifestyles. We begin with a book by Jeannie Baker called 'Window'.

Thank you for all those who attended our Maths Share day. We had a wonderful time sharing our learning and exploring 2D and 3D shape. I think you will agree there were some fabulous activities going on!

World Book Day


On Friday the children dressed up in some fabulous costumes for World Book Day. They had some great ideas,  thank you for supporting the children . We had some pretty princesses, magnificent superheroes and a variety of other book characters. Can you name them all?


Thanks must go to the willing band of helpers who supported the spring clean on Saturday. The outdoor classroom is looking much neater and if it stops raining we will sow some grass seed!

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Picture 3


This week we have been looking at the life cycle of a sunflower. We sequenced the pictures depicting each stage. Then when we were playing outside we were able to notice the changes that had been happening in our environment. See if you can notice some too! We discussed seeds for humans to eat and seeds which we give to the birds. We made a yummy seedy flapjack which was enjoyed by hungry little humans!


In the woods we planted over a 100  bulbs to enhance the area. We then made labels to let people know where we had planted them. We hope they will be there each year and we can enjoy them during each year we are at Grove primary.


Lost Ladybirds!


This week we have been reading the Bad Tempered Ladybird. We have made some clay ladybirds which we shall paint next week. We counted spots and decorated a giant ladybird, and some smaller cake ladybirds!

We also retold the story using puppets indoors and out.  In the woods we had to hunt for the lost ladybirds and then counted their spots as we found them. 

Pizza Hut


Some of the children began to role play making pizza with a variety of 'ingredients.' To extend their play the kind staff at Pizza Hut lent us some resources to create our own version of the 'Hut.' The children were encourage to make healthy choices to go with their pizza treat choosing from the salad bar and fruit for pudding. They have taken on roles of chef, waiter and customer. They were extremely polite to each other. Excellent service! 


The Very Busy Children


After reading The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle the children made some lovely spiders from junk modelling materials. During a walk in the woods we then found a giant spider web but no spiders! We decided our spiders may like to climb the web and so we tied them on to the sticky thread! 

We also made a human spider with eight limbs!

The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

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The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

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Happy New Year!


Welcome to a New Year- 2016!

We hope you all have had a lovely break. The topic this term is Eric Carle. He has contributed to a number of books mainly on an animal theme. We shall be creating some 3D art displays and using his book 'The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse ' to inspire our story telling. We have hidden chameleons in the woods and camouflaged them using natural materials. 

Learning Together


This week we shared our learning with our families. The focus was phonics and Christmas. We worked across the Early years on a range of activities and with a variety of people. To finish the session we sang some songs accompanied by Mr Fisher on his guitar. It was lovely to work together. Thank you all for coming. 

A Wonderful Week with the Fairies



This week we had lots of visitors! We had the community officers help us to remember very important road safety skills. We discussed how to stay safe holding an adults hand and walking on the inside of the pavement. 

We also had a drummer who used to play with Status Quo, Jeff Rich deliver a drumming workshop with the whole school. We had a chance to listen to some fantastic drumming and also play alongside Jeff as well. 

Then something very exciting happened! The fairies appeared! The garden was covered in tiny furniture and a tiny door. 

Each day something happened, the fairy washing was out or the shopping was delivered. We had a letter from the faiiries which we were asked to deliver through he door but it was too big! We wrote letters to the fairies and then  a party invitation arrived! 

We went to the woods where there was a party waiting! We had to make our own fairy cakes to eat and we danced too music and played games. 

What a wonderful week! 

Knights and Castles


This week we have been looking at knights and castles. We had our very own knight come to lead us on a quest through the woods. We searched for the marshmallow dragon and had to check all the different lairs that were hidden beneath the branches and leaves. Where was he? We had to read notes left to find out! Can you see the tree where the sun lives? 

We also performed an experiment and created a volcano. It went everywhere!

We also raised lots of money for Children in Need! Thank you for your support.

Week beginning 2.11.15


On Friday, we were extremely lucky to receive a surprise visit from Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

We all went outside for a tour of the fire engine. We saw the different size hoses, the different size ladders and the breathing equipment. We also saw a machine that picks up body heat and helps the firefighters find people in a smoky building. We even got to sit inside the engine. At the end the driver turned on the engine, lights. sirens and horns. It was very loud! . A big thank you to Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service for giving up their time to come and visit us.

Special Pets


This week we have been very lucky as Mrs Seager and Mr Baker have been kind enough to share their special pets with us. Mrs Seager loves rabbits and Mr Baker loves chickens. Buster the rabbit came and hopped about with us and was very calm letting us all have a cuddle with him.

Peggy the hen is quite old for a chicken and doesn't lay any eggs now. She just likes to eat and sleep! She has some new winter feathers growing and left lots of her summer ones for us! Peggy then explored the garden before sleeping in her special house.

Thank you to Mrs Seager and Mr Baker for taking the time to share their special pets with us.

Our Bodies


We have been looking at how to stay healthy this week, investigating how to keep safe, eat healthy food and what is under our skin.

We have made smoothies, run the obstacle course and danced with a skeleton!

We used stopwatches to time how fast we could go round the course.

Lovely Weather for ducks - and Bluebell Class!


It has been very wet this week but we didn't mind! We made good use of our waterproof suits to explore the changes in the woods. We also had a great time jumping in VERY muddy puddles!

Special people


This week we have been looking at special people. We made a fire engine , train and also a car wash! People have some very interesting jobs! We went on a train journey, first to Norwich, then to the beach and finally to the dinosaur park. We had to pay for the car wash and post our tokens in the box. This week we had pasta salad - it was good to try new foods that keep us healthy. We also went into the woods to sing camp fire songs. Mr Fisher played his guitar after we had built the 'campfire'.



We have been doing some fantastic measuring with different sized tubes. We were able to place them in order of height and then started to measure ourselves with a metre stick. Mr Fisher built a xylophone as we are developing our music area. We have to use flip flops to play it! 

We have also been collaborating while playing road workers, sharing our tools and helping each other. 

Star Bakers


We have some great cooks in Bluebell class! They have all been very eager to take part in cooking activities, making delicious banana muffins and cheese straws. 


We have had a very wet week and wow has it been fun!

Our all in one suits have proved very popular and have enabled our children to jump in very muddy puddles! They have also doubled as fire suits when we were pretending to be firefighters and putting out ( chalk) fires on the playground.

Our First week in Bluebell Class


We have been welcoming the children to Bluebell class this week and have made lots of new friends. The children have become more confident in their surroundings, exploring all the wonderful activities on offer. We have become firemen and women, found worms, practiced skills old and new, but most of all we have had fun.