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Autumn First Half term learning

Week Beginning 17th October 2016


This week is has been very wet! But that has not stopped us learning outside! We splashed in muddy puddles, used puddles as lakes and even wrote our names in the mud.  We have been practising our handwriting indoors as well and are really trying hard to use a tripod grip to form circles and lines. 

We  used Talk 4 Writing and and invented our own stories changing the main characters from last weeks text. We had some interesting characters, such as dinosaurs , frogs, dogs and lions eating apples , bananas and sausages! We have some great budding authors. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
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Week Beginning 10th October 2016


This week we read the book called The Little Mouse, The Red, Ripe, Strawberry and the Big, Hungry, Bear. We used our Talk 4 Writing skills and acted the story using actions to help us remember the sequence of events. We created a story map and then took it into the woods. We searched for the mouse's door but could not find it. We sniffed the air for strawberries, but nothing, and listened for the bear, but no sign!  


We then retold the story , we were so good we even performed it to Buttercup and Daisy classes! Well done everybody - fantastic storytelling!



Picture 1 Let us begin our story.
Picture 2 Hello, little mouse.
Picture 3 Haven't you heard?
Picture 4 About the BIG HUNGRY BEAR!

Week beginning 3rd October 2016

This week we read the book Night Monkey, Day Monkey by Julia Donaldson. We explored light and dark. When the sun was out we looked at the shadows that appeared and drew round them with chalk. 

We found out that monkeys do not just eat bananas but like all fruit, so we made a monkey friendly fruit salad. We looked at the fruit and used some fabulous words to describe it. 'Soft', 'prickly', 'sharp like dinosaur teeth' were a few of the comments. We have stored these in our Marvellous Magpie words to use again.

We were given some Rice Krispies this week so we decided to make some Krispie cakes and sell them to raise money for the Louise Hamilton Centre in Gorleston. We raised over £27! Thank you so much for being so generous! And well done to the children. 

Week Beginning 26th September 2016


This week there were a lot of bones in Bluebell class. We dug them up in the sand and also created some of own. We creaed a bread roll shaped like a bone- the children worked hard to manipulate the dough and create the bone shape.

Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

Week Beginning 19th September 


This week we read the book Dinosaur Roar by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. It is full of opposites! Slow-Fast, weak, strong etc. We made  biscuits with a dinosaurs foot imprint. They were amazing - and tasted delicious! 

We have also been balancing on stilts which took some practice! We stomped like a dinosaur!

We have been counting items to 10 as well as sequencing numbers.


Week 2 - Beginning 12th September 2016


This week we have had our first cooking session. Following our topic of Emotions, we painted milk faces onto bread and then toasted it. We had some very happy faces, on the toast and when the children were eating it! 

Week 1 - Beginning 5th September 2016


We have made a positive start to the new academic year with children arriving excited and eager to learn. We have been very impressed with the

way children have been confident to leave their families, many for the first time and come into class. Well done! We have made new friends, children and adults and settled into the school routine well.